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Hearing a trigonometric identity

by Marshall Hampton. When the two frequencies are well separated, we hear the right hand side of the identity. When they start getting close, we hear the higher-pitched factor in the left-hand side modulated by the lower-pitched envelope.


Karplus-Strong algorithm for plucked and percussive sound generation

by Marshall Hampton


An Interactive Venn Diagram


Unreadable code

by Igor Tolkov


Profile a snippet of code


Evaluate a bit of code in a given system

by William Stein (there is no way yet to make the text box big):


Minkowski Sum

by Marshall Hampton


Cellular Automata

by Pablo Angulo, Eviatar Bach


Another Interactive Venn Diagram

by Jane Long (adapted from

This interact models a problem in which a certain number of people are surveyed to see if they participate in three different activities (running, biking, and swimming). Users can indicate the numbers of people in each category, from 0 to 100. Returns a graphic of a labeled Venn diagram with the number of people in each region. Returns an explanatory error message if user input is inconsistent.


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