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Hardware to buy with NSF grant

I am going to put a range of computers on the LAN in my office for SAGE developers. Please put suggestions here about possible computers to buy:


  • a mac pro: 2 Quad-core Xeons with lots of RAM
  • an itanium-based machine (???)
  • a g5 mac (good deals online somewhere?)
  • 64-bit AMD processor (but we already have one -- it's sage.math, right?)
  • Linux on PPC?
  • Linux on Intel processor
  • Windows on Intel and AMD
  • 64 bit AMD Athlon (Dual Core)
  • 32 bit AMD Athlon (Dual Core)
  • 64 bit Pentium 4 (Dual Core)
  • 32 bit Pentium 4 (Dual Core)
  • Machine with 64 bit Alpha processor
  • Core Duo



For PARI, from Bill A.
I think at this point what we really lack is ppc64 hardware, e.g. a G5
running in 64bit mode. Having buildlog for ppc64 would be nice, see
<http://pari.math.u-bordeaux.fr/buildlog.html> for what we currently
Having access to a Core 2 Mac could be also useful.
I also have so plan to add level0 assembly kernel for ARM processors
(at least for those which support 32x32->64bit multiply). I don't
know if people are actually running PARI/GP on their PDA.

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