SMC + teach a course !?

# Homework Submission
 - student class list; paste in list. EASY.
 - collect at a point in time
 - do what you have to do with it
 - return to students.
 - API for sync with university infrastructure. (like moodle has.)
 - Link from moodle to SMC...

# Chat
- Piaza-style chat????
- or integration

- Configurable notification of events

# "The Math Cloud" -- wth?

- Tom could test out a new homework submission system: Aug 25.
- very gentle intro learning curve at the start.

# Missing features

- html.table

# Reliability is critical.

# Improve interact
- documentation
- feature completeness
- bug fixes.

# Shared project (pointless? not pointless?)

- (impossible) Read only directory in the course SHARED project, which
- (pointless) Read only access to a shared project
- Easy way to copy files out: better just be able to add...

# Worksheet feature: invariant or protected cells.



# Anti-cheating features.

- easy central logging so one can audit what is going?
- automatic plagariasm features. "turn it in dot come"
- tool to compare student submissions.
- suspicious typing
- speed.
- big brother features.
- close the easy roots to cheating, but not worry about clever ways.
- make cheating harder than course.

# Some HTML to focus the students

- a screwy background.
- big fancy focused calculator.
- coordinated background change: for giving big exam with computer.  (lawsuits)
- can javascript tell if tab is in focus?

# Anti DDOS

- students DDOS the site around finals... fire alarm

# High availability

- a status console that shows current load overall - non technical
- sage update schedule
- strong request for stable version of sage: this project defaults to "sage-6.2"
- planned downtime: never
- christmas and summer major upgrades

# Feature: Peer grading

- students submit work by a deadline.
- early submitters get to do early grading.
- pair useful students

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