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 * Robert Bradshaw
 * Carl Witty: hiking (< 5 hours)
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 * Robert Bradshaw (3 more people)

Craig Citro, David Roe, and Tom Boothby have declared interest in hiking. Here's some possibile hikes:

If anybody else is interested, put your name down, and how much hike you're up for:

  • Tom Boothby: hiking.
  • William Stein: hiking (< 5 hours)

  • David Roe: hiking.
  • Craig Citro: hiking.
  • Yi Qiang: hiking
  • Clément Pernet: hiking
  • Dag Sverre Seljebotn: hiking (if not too much gear is required, < 5 hours will be fine)

  • Robert Bradshaw
  • Carl Witty: hiking (< 5 hours)

If you have a car that you're willing to take people hiking in, put your name down:

  • Craig Citro (my wife will be in town with car, we can carry three more beyond ourselves)
  • Tom Boothby (if we hike during the week, I can carry 3 extra; if during the weekend, my fiance will come)
  • Clément Pernet (3 more people)
  • Robert Bradshaw (3 more people)

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