Carl -- what I did at dev1

1. Fixed a lot of coercion-branch doctests.

2. Discussed changes to Cython for fast numpy array access (and some other language/compiler changes).

3. Discussed changes to fast_float: support more data types than only C doubles; evaluate DAGs with shared subexpressions; support conditionals; and possibly use a JIT for a further speedup (probably at least 5x on "sufficiently complicated" examples).

4. Demonstrated sage_input and posted a preliminary version on Trac (


sage: sage_input((polygen(GF(3))+1)^4)

R.<x> = GF(3)[]
x^4 + x^3 + x + 1

5. Gave a quick talk on Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition.

6. Brought a Segway and gave rides.

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