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SQLize the Notebook?

I've started on #3456. Workflow is:

  • Create schema (done)
  • Create import script (done)
  • Replace object.foo() with object.foo "everywhere" in the notebook directory (done)
  • Replace object._ _foo with object.foo "everywhere" in the notebook directory
  • Refactor worksheet.config, notebook.config, user.config
  • Refactor worksheet.cells, notebook.users, notebook.worksheets
  • Test and fix bugs
  • Document the hell out of everything!
  • Fix bugs uncovered by doctests

While I'm at it:

  • Add tag system, twist Timothy's arm to design an interface?


  • Patch bomb.
  • Can't test until I'm "done"

Other stuff

  • Suggested (yet another) data structure to help RLM
  • Reviewed some patches
  • Encouraged a 3-way throw-down between GBill, Glenn, and Yi

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