We anticipate that most participants will stay in these dorms, which have air conditioned rooms, private bathrooms and common spaces for work and socializing in the evenings. Participants who are not funded by the conference may stay in the dorms and will pay for the total price of their accommodation by check. Please contact an organizer for more details.

If you prefer to stay in a hotel and we're funding your lodging, please contact the organizers (we can allocate your lodging amount toward a hotel with enough advance notice). Options include the Hilton Garden Inn Burlington and the Sheraton Burlington Hotel. The Sheraton is not downtown but it is closer to the location of the conference.


There are three main ways to get to Burlington.

  1. Fly into BTV. The cost of a cab ride from the airport to the dorms is approximately \$10 (less using Uber) and to downtown approximately \$20.
  2. Fly to Montreal (YUL), Manchester (MHT) or Boston (BOS) and take Greyhound to Burlington (or Megabus from Boston).

    • Buses depart from Montreal Berri station at 8:15, 10:45, 16:15 and 23:30 and take about 2:45 to get to Burlington (though this can vary due to US customs). The city bus (747) from the airport takes 45 minutes to go directly to the Greyhound station and runs every 30 minutes. Note that the city bus requires a day pass, which costs $10 and can be purchased inside the terminal.
    • Buses depart from Manchester Airport direct to Burlington -- 0:55-4:00, 11:35-15:20 and 15:05-19:55.
    • Buses depart Boston South Station, running 7:00-11:55, 10:30-15:20, 14:00-19:55, 23:20-4:00. The city bus (Silver line) from the airport takes 15 minutes to go directly to the Greyhound station and runs every 12 minutes. The silver line from the airport is free.
  3. By private car. There is free parking on campus for participants staying at the dorms. The main page has some info on people trying to organize carpools.


If you are a US citizen or permanent resident, please book flights on a US carrier. If you are not a US citizen or permanent resident, this restriction does not apply to you (since we're funding you from a different grant). Note that the Mathematical Congress of the Americas is the week after Sage Days 87; if you're interested in attending you may want to plan your travel accordingly. If you do combine your travel, you must obtain, at the time you book your travel, a quote for the cost of your travel round-trip to Burlington. You will only be reimbursed the minimum of this quote and your actual travel costs.

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