Sage Days 77: projects

Sage developer days on packaging, portability, documentation tools

Tentative topics for Sage Days 77. Please edit freely.

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Cross-platform (Linux, OS X, Windows, ...)

Linux (see also Infrastructure page)

OS X? (Fink, Homebrew, MacPorts)

Relocating SageMath once built

Windows port

Note: Travis Scrimshaw would be happy to join brainstorms remotely: I fly on Wednesday afternoon (Minneapolis time) and arrive Thursday afternoon (Germany time), but I am basically free all day Tuesday (and I wake up early). Thursday or Friday works too from Berlin

Fran├žois Bissey from sage-on-gentoo: I would be happy to join some brainstorming session remotely from New Zealand. At the time of the meeting I will be 10 hours. 9am for you will be 7pm for me, and 8pm for you will be 6am the next day for me. So I may able to connect during your morning for a little bit and if you have late (11pm+) sessions.

SageMath Live



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