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 * (tutorial) numerical computations with numpy and scipy within Sage ([[https://www.scipy.org/])

Sage Days 73 in Oaxaca, Mexico May 04-07 2016

Sage is an open source software for mathematics. This is the webpage for the Sage workshop prior to the conference Flat Surfaces and Dynamics of Moduli Space to be held in Oaxaca May 08-13. The aim is to:

  • introduce Sage to people from Oaxaca or assisting to the conference
  • have program and code presentations about geometry and dynamics of surfaces
  • help people to implement their own projects

It is intended to be a small workshop (10 to 15 people) focusing on coding sprints.

Previsional schedule

Wednesday 4 May

Thursday 5 May

Friday 6 May

Saturday 7 May


Participant presentation
Sage introduction




13:00 - 14:30

lunch break

lunch break

lunch break

lunch break







  • (tutorial / presentation) Pat Hooper: Flatsurf

  • (tutorial / presentation) Vincent Delecroix: the flatsurf package (warning: distinct from the above!)

  • (tutorial) numerical computations with numpy and scipy within Sage ([[https://www.scipy.org/])

  • ? (tutorial) number types in Sage: integers, rationals, number fields, symbolic, floating point, intervals, balls
  • ? (tutorial) SL2Z and triangle group code in Sage
  • ? (tutorial) graphs and digraphs in Sage (Sage graph stuff and possibly bliss software, nauty and Traces, igraph, ...)


Existing programs about translation surfaces


Preliminary list of participants (to be confirmed)


This workshop is supported by the ERC H2020 project OpenDreamKit.

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