William Stein: some panel discussion statements

# What are the strength and weaknesses of open source versus closed source software?

No. No. We can't trust anything automatically -- there are only levels of trust. I'm more interested in usefulness. Extendability. Etc.

It depends on the quality of the journal. For a top quality journal, I have rejected such papers before and will again. Depending on software "at all" -- that's just a fact of life.

# Is it possible to provide a truly viable open source alternative to

# There have in the past been many open computer algebra projects,

# Is it likely that any of the following mathematical software systems

Fermat or Reduce might... they are both by "out of touch" almost retired mathematicians... but who cares?

Or that they will be replaced by viable OSS alternatives?

I hope so.

# Do 'we' have to protect our OSS using a copyright such as the GPL,

We have to use the GPL, because PARI, Singular, etc., already did. There's really nothing more to say.

# Discuss ideas for funding the creation of open source mathematical

# Should software implementations be treated more like journal

# Could (or should) Sage be packaged and distributed as a linux

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