Tentative list of themes

A list of topics for Sage days 57. Participants, please edit!

Use days57 as keyword for any ticket worked on during the Sage days.

Import the old Sage-Combinat patches as git branch

Review all tickets waiting on trac :-)

There are around 250 tickets waiting on trac for a reviewer ... solution: a ticket a day! (18 dev, 5 days we should get 90 tickets)


Coxeter groups

Jean-Philippe and Vivien implemented a framework for working with infinite coxeter groups, in particular to explore the geometric representation, limit roots, ... The goal is to start merging this with the existing root system stuff in Sage.

TODO: create ticket

Monday afternoon

Automata and rational languages


By language we simply mean a set of finite words (rational language, D0L-system, ...). The scope ranges from combinatorics and algebra to discrete dynamical systems. Sage capabilities is currently restricted to combinatorics on single word and do not focus on structure of certain subset. We aim to implement an abstract and easy to reuse infrastructure for languages.

Might be too big a task for this week. But we could discuss the strategy.

Translation surfaces

A translation surface is a geometric and dynamical objects that can be defined from gluing polygons by translation. It is interesting from geometric and dynamical point of vue. Many computations are possible !


Finish #10963, brainstorm the follow ups.

Polyhedra over number fields

Tensors on free modules

Refactor continued fractions

Dynamical systems simulation (statistics of orbits)

Wish: symbolic q-analogs

Check in Maxima if those q-analogs are there, or could be described there so that Maxima could do symbolic summation with them?

Anything to be reused from the Ore-Algebra package?


On-line db for Sage worksheets and other ressources

See ticket 16114

Checkout Mike's and ... patches about lazy power series

Lazy Multivariate Power Series

TODO: create ticket

Species, Ore algebras, Boltzman

Get a picture of the current status.

Tree-like tableaux, permutation tableaux, and bijections, Polyomino parallelograms

Parallel Map-Reduce and Search Forests

Interface cleanup for SearchForest and Friends

Real numbers

General discussion about real numbers and recurrent issues with them:

There are many ways to represent real numbers:

But Sage currently has no bridge between them...

Refactor Elliptic curves and morphisms

See #12880 (and also problem with scheme morphisms #15378, maybe also that SchemeMorphism currently does not inherit from !Morphism, see the description of #14711)

Cygwin(64) support

Introduction to categories

Introduction to git

Done Monday Morning! Thanks Volker!

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