Sage Days 49 Coding Sprint Projects

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Below is a list of proposed projects. Please edit and add your projects!


  • Implementing Stanley chromatic symmetric function for posets

    Mathieu, Eric, Alejandro, Chris, Nathann, Yan

  • Implementing boards for rook placements, Le diagrams (#14127)

    • implementing Le diagrams
    • include CombinatorialMaps if possible
    • adding documentation and doctests

    Alejandro, Kevin (testing/doctests), Bruce, Salvatore, Emily, Federico

  • Flow polytopes from permutation matrices and alternating sign matrices (#14654)

    Jessica, Alejandro, Nathann, Emily, Laura

  • Implementation of k-tableaux and k-charge (#12250, #14776)

    Anne, Mike, Tom D, Nate, Avi

  • Combinatorial actions and orbit averages on posets, order polytopes, and rational functions

    Tom Roby, Darij, Jessica, Kevin, Emma, Emily

  • Multivariate power series / lazy

    Marguerite, Mathieu, Florent, Marc

  • Hypergraph visualization


  • Combinatorial Species

    Martin Rubey, Bruce, Mike, Florent, Tom D., Marguerite Thursday and Friday only

    • code cleanup
    • generation of unlabelled objects for composition and functorial composition via a group action framework
    • multisort species (multivariate formal power series would be useful for that)
    • add code by Andrew for Gamma-species
    • support operations from symmetric function code for cycle index series
  • Conclude OEIS ticket #10358 (rebase after #13701, last doctests, and make urls clickable from the notebook

    ThierryMonteil, Eric, Chris, Salvatore

  • More switches from CombinatorialClass to category framework

    Travis, Mike, Anne, Mathieu, Simon, Florent

  • Implement LaTeX options for parking functions

    Mike, Jean-Baptiste, Tom D.

  • Implement composition tableaux as an enumerated set (finite? with grading?)

    Mike, Chris, Jessica, Austin, Tom D., Elizabeth

  • Beef up NSym/QSym functionality - dual bases, quasi-Schur and dual's, basis by Pieri rule, map to free algebra, P-partitions (#14136), Hazewinkel's lambda-Lyndon basis, quasi-Schurs, expansion in non commutative variables, ...

    Mike, Matthieu Deneufchâtel, Darij, Chris, Simon, Anne, Meesue

  • Ribbon graphs

    Bruce, Emily, Chris

  • Finish affine symmetric group patch (#12940) Done!

    Tom D., Chris, Anne

  • Implement BWSym and related Hopf algebras

    Olivier Mallet, Ali Chouria, Jean-Baptiste, Florent, Mike

  • Posets - Close outstanding tickets, optimize counting linear extensions, add poset examples (absolute order on symmetric group, etc.)

    Kevin, Nathann, Mathieu, Florent, Anne, Jessica, Tom R., Darij

  • Infinite root system: construction, display

    Vivien, Nicolas, Salvatore, William, Elizabeth, Ben, Laura

Representation Theory

  • Finalize non-symmetric Macdonald polynomial patch (#14102)

    Anne, Nicolas, Mike

  • Implement monomial crystals (#14759) Done and merged!

    Ben, Travis, Arthur, Nicolas, Anne

  • Refactor and speedup of all crystals code (#14516 Done!, #14686, more to come)

    Travis, Ben, Nicolas, Anne

  • Make progress on fixing/reviewing rigged configurations patches (#13871, #13838, #13872)

    Anne, Travis, Chris

  • Representations of quivers and quiver algebras: Finish refactoring Jim's code (#12630)

    Simon, Salvatore, Nicolas, Aladin, Florent, Ben, Tom R., Mathieu

Hyperplane arrangements

Tom, William, Vivien, Nathann, Steven, Alejandro

Categories and infrastructure

Nicolas, Simon, Travis, Florent

  • Review #10963 more functorial constructions
  • Review #11111 finite dimensional modules
  • Nested class name mangling: Understand why building the pdf documentation hangs with the patch from #9107
  • Plan the follow ups


  • Reorganize combinat documentation

    Travis, Nathann, Florent, Mike, Simon, Nicolas, Anne

  • Update French translation of the tutorial



  • Going through "Topics in Algebraic Combinatorics" and see how much is in Sage / would be useful for teaching

    Tom^2, Alejandro, Elizabeth, Jessica, Aladin, Austin, Laura


  • Update/fix doctests from the French Sage book

  • Marc, Nathann, Nicolas, Guillaume: fix the web version to make sure its 100% consistent with the paper version

  • Cleanup Map-Reduce & other parallelization tools in Sage

    Florent, Jean-Baptiste, Matthieu


  • Finish CFF #14567 review (ThierryMonteil)

  • Trac-ify some of the bugs found via and discuss about better integration between those two useful tools (ThierryMonteil)

  • Work on making RIF and CIF more reliable (ThierryMonteil)

  • Add parallel cloning to Sage Debian Live USB key (ThierryMonteil)

  • FindStat work

    Travis, Viviane, Chris, Jessica, Jean-Baptiste

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