Sage Days 45 Tutorials

Tutorial I: Using the Sage notebook and navigating the help system

Leader: Franco Saliola

Worksheet: We will be starting with a blank worksheet, but here is a worksheet that can be used for self-study.


Post-tutorial Updates:

See also the tutorials page from Sage Days 38.

Sharing worksheets with the windows VirtualBox appliance

If the virtual appliance is started, follow section 4 of the sage appliance wiki.

Otherwise follow these steps:

  1. Highlight the sage appliance and select Settings.
  2. Under the settings, navigate to the shared folders options and follow the above directions starting at step #3.

Tutorial: Introduction to Version Control

Leader: Vincent Delecroix featuring Franco Saliola

Mercurial resources:

Tutorial IV: Contributing to Sage

Leader: Chris Berg featuring Franco Saliola



Related thematic tutorials:

ReStructuredText resources:

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