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[:days4/projects/:SAGE Days 4 Project] [[days4/projects/|SAGE Days 4 Project]]

Packaging and Distributing SAGE

SAGE Days 4 Project

  • W Stein: Go through all the standard SAGE packages and, when possible, add an spkg-check, which runs some sort of analogue of "make check" when possible.

  • N Alexander: Greatly improve testing infrastructure.
  • Introduce some form of package sanity checking to sage -upgrade, such as file size checks, CRC checks, or digital signatures [didier: done. Patch sent] .
  • D Deshommes and W Stein: Fully port SAGE to Solaris [didier: done]
  • improve SAGE's package management system. [didier: converting several packages so that they have repos (done)]
  • Mike Hansen, Yi Qiang(?): Bootable (Cluster) CD for SAGE/DSAGE. Using BCCD ( http://bccd.cs.uni.edu/ ) as a base, create a bootable CD to allow one to easily turn in unused lab into DSAGE cluster.

  • didier deshommes: Improve support for SAGE on NexentaOS. Several packages need to be patched. [didier: done]

  • sage -optional : It would be useful to list the size of each package together with this. Also when doing sage -i optional, to tell the user about the size of the package.

When doing sage -i a.spkg, you can find the size of each package you're downloading: {{{size: 0.00 MB http://www.sagemath.org//packages/standard/README --> README [.] size: 0.00 MB http://www.sagemath.org//packages/standard/sagex-20070504.spkg --> sagex-20070504.spkg [..................................................] size: 0.56 MB [...] }}} However for sage -optional, it would be better if the file in http://www.sagemath.org/packages/optional/list had the sizes listed.


  • Versioning issues [didier: sent a patch]. Make sage -i some_package work, without specifying version numbers. See below:

    • (3) Versioning issues. If one types "sage -i foo" then the newest version
      • of the foo package should be installed. Currently one has to type the version number. Fixing this is just adding something to some shell script.

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