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Quaddouble integration

Implement a wrapper for the quad double library (C++) available at http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~yozo/ : http://sage.math.washington.edu/home/dfdeshom/custom/patches/qdrf-c-interface.txt

Modifying Mercurial

There is a turorial here: http://sage.math.washington.edu:9001/ModifyingMercurial There is also a mercurial spkg with better error messages here: http://sage.math.washington.edu/home/dfdeshom/custom/hg-sage/mercurial-20070209.spkg

Multiplication algorithm

A (slightly) faster multiplication algorithm of univariate polynomnials over R. Currently, this is known as _mul_fateman() in rings/polynomial_element.py but needs to be faster, probably through PARI or Pyrex

RealLib inclusion

Tweaking Hermes

Logging of sessions using mathml through hermes:

Logging of pictures in dvi and mathml logger.

Doctest Status

Does each method have an example? Instead of checking by hand a handy script could be used. I have a script that does that: http://sage.math.washington.edu/home/dfdeshom/sage/devel/sage/doctest-status.py For example, here is the output for integer.pyx:

Results for  sage/ext/integer.pyx
Total number of tests        :  87
Number of tests with examples:  42
Tests with no examples       :  __int__, __div_, _interface_init_, _xgcd, __cmp__, factor, factorial, __mul_, integer, __add_, __richcmp__, __floordiv, __nonzero__, crt, _and, _lcm, __long__, __str_malloc, rational_reconstruction, _mpfr_, parent, __sub_, pmem_malloc, __and__, _reduce_set, __float__, _pari_, _rshift, __invert__, _latex_, _mathml_, copy, valuation, _or, _im_gens_, __hash__, GCD_list, __reduce__, LCM_list, __new__, is_unit, __dealloc__, __repr__, __or__, _lshift

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