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Other SAGE Days 4 Project

Participants: William Stein, Tom Boothby, Robert Miller, Dorian Raymer, Alex Clemesha, Yi Qiang, Bobby Moretti, and Timothy Clemans.

These are the tasks that need to be accomplished, in order of importance.

  1. (in progress) A User Model Make it so each user of the notebook has an account on the notebook, and can only see worksheets that are explicitly shared by other users. (I.e., we need either an account and ownership model or a wiki model for the notebook. Email/registration. An account model makes the most sense). This page has more about the account model.

    • Bobby, William, Tom, ....
  2. (done) Secure Separate User Process Create an option so that processes that run the actual worksheets can be started as a different user. This will be slower, but could be vastly more secure. More about this

    • William Stein, Bobby, Tom, Dorian, Timothy -- 3 hours of design; 3 hours implementation.
  3. (done) Twisted Web2 Convert the web server so that it uses twisted's web2 server

    • William -- what remains:
      • (done) Interactive help browser really being interactive.
      • (done) Upload and download of worksheets
  4. (done) SSL Encrypted Make it so that the server use GNUTLS to *secure* all communications and logins (current: openssl)

    • (done) Yi -- 1 hour: subclass something and replace listen ssl with gnutls.
    • (done) Need to make it so dsage uses gnutls to generate certificates.
    • (done) Url--goes to http instead of https.
  5. Rating system of published worksheets Users should be able to rate published worksheets, similar to how iTunes allows you to rate your song.

    • I propose a rating of 1-5 stars (iTunes, Google Video both use this scale).
    • Worksheets can store their ratings as an attribute
    • Have methods set_rating() and get_rating()
    • Keep number of ratings (i.e. one 5 star rating is a lot more dubious than 25 ratings that average to 4 stars)
    • Each user should be allowed to register only one vote for a worksheet, but they should be allowed to re-rate a worksheet at will

If time permits

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