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= Graph Theory =

[:days4/projects/: Other SAGE Days 4 Project]

Graph Theory

[:days4/projects/: Other SAGE Days 4 Project]

  • NetworkX: The following modules could be useful, and have not yet been wrapped: centrality, cliques, cluster, cores, hybrid, search, spectrum, threshold
    • centrality, cliques, cluster, cores, search -- These are pretty standard graph theoretic programs, and should not take too long to wrap.
    • spectrum -- This should probably not be wrapped, but instead mimicked, since sage's linear algebra is undoubtedly faster.
    • hybrid, threshold -- These seem to be specialized programs that are closely related to the research areas of the NetworkX authors. It is unclear what to do with these.
  • NICE: The nauty clone for computing automorphism groups of graphs, and computing isomorphism. It has been converted to Pyrex, but it could still stand much optimization.
  • Wishlist: I (Robert Miller) have a wishlist from Chris Godsil, which is becoming more and more a reality. It would be great if we could complete the list this week.
  • Electrical Networks, Jim Morrow's REU: Graphs with boundary are already in sage, but there are probably some useful constructions for Jim's summer REU that are not implemented yet. Especially data structures, perhaps an ElectricalNetworks class...

  • Latex Graphs: At sage days 3, Craig Citro gave Robert Miller an old scheme program to plot graphs in postscript format. It would be great to get this working from in python.

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