Sage Days 38 Coding Sprint Projects

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Below is a list of proposed projects.


Nicolas, Meinolf, Franco, Sébastien, Anne, Vivien
  • Implementation of the poset of alternating sign matrices (ask Anne Schilling for details)

  • class for affine permutations

    Tom, Nicolas, Luis, Chris, Mike, Anne,

  • Lambda rings


  • Diagram algebras

    Stephen, Aaron, George, Nicolas, Darij, Franco, Jim

  • Discrete geometry

    Sébastien, Alexandre, Pierre,

  • clean-up of symmetric functions, k-schur functions, etc.,

    Anne, Chris, Mike, Tom, Luis, Franco,

  • improvement of ncsf and qsym; and implement ABS morphism

    Anne, Chris, Mike, Tom, Luis, Franco, Darij, Aaron, Nicolas

  • Automorphism group of function fields


  • Faster arithmetics in polynomial rings over fraction field of polynomial rings


  • semigroups : clean-up, extract good code to push into Sage, ...

    Nicolas, Florent, Anne, Franco, Tom, Travis,

  • rigged configurations

    Travis, Florent and Anne

Representation Theory

Franco, Nicolas, Jim, Øyvind,
  • Repn. theory of fin. dim. algebra (ticket #11111)

    Franco, Nicolas, Jim, Øyvind, Florent,

  • fin. dim. cellular algebras

    Stephen, Franco,


  • quick reference card for combinatorics/sage-combinat (see quickref)

  • quick reference card for contributing to sage (reviewing patch, cloning a branch, hg commands, ...) (see quickref); most of the content for this exists, it's just a matter of putting it together into the latex document.

  • proof-read the combinatorics chapter of the sage book

    Nicolas, Hugh, Timothy

    French version in PDF: Combinatorics chapter in

    English version in ReST: (upcoming!)

  • get tutorials ready for inclusion in Sage

    Nicolas, Franco, ...

Inverse Laplace transform

  • Juan Carlos Bustamante

Maxima 3D plot

  • Juan Carlos Bustamante

Find out how to use Maxima to draw 3D plots (using gnuplot for instance).

Implement rotationel and divergence

  • Juan Carlos Bustamante


  • WebWork and Sage integration

    Sébastien, Stephen, Malcolm, Alexandra, Vivien, Alexandre, Anne, Franco, Tom

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