Sage Days 38 Installations

For the main Sage Days 38 wiki page go here.

Downloading Sage

In order to make downloading quicker and easier from the conference venue, the CRM pre-downloaded binary images of Sage for several operating systems:

Pre-Downloaded Binaries (CRM)

If that doesn't work, please check the Sage download site.

Installation Instructions

Below are short versions of the installation instructions. If this doesn't work, then follow the detailed instructions in the Sage Installation Guide.

  • Installing on Windows (you'll be installing the Sage virtual machine)

  • Installing on Mac OS X (binary version)

  • Installing on Linux (binary version)

    Short instructions:

    1. Select the one that suits your setup and extract it in your file-browser by right clicking "extract" or on the command-line using:

      tar xvzf sage...tar.gz.
    2. Run sage by calling the command:

  • Installing from source code:

    Short instructions:

    1. Extract archive

    2. Start compiling: make

    3. Run Sage: ./sage

    Detailed instructions: Steps to Install from Source

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