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William, Cassie, Amy, Lola

Getting Going on Development on *your* laptop (not *.sagenb.org)

  1. Download this file: http://sage.math.washington.edu/home/wstein/days/33/eulerprod.py

  2. Type in the notebook: attach /exact/path/to/eulerprod.py

  3. Note that elliptic curves over Q(sqrt(5)) won't work if you don't have psage installed.

Project Description

For L-series lovers: Getting the doctest coverage to 100% on this might be a good project:

See this worksheet for an example.

That may discover "issues" (bugs), which I would likely have to fix, but would also be fun because one gets to come up with lots of creative examples of L-series all over the place. Also, the top of that file has a todo list for new features to implement -- most would be bad projects, but one which would be good would be to make it so the Lseries object can use Lcalc (Rubinstein's program) to compute L-series instead of Dokchitser. This would be a good project, because it would mainly involve thinking about the annoying mathematics involved in going between normalizing L-series with the center of the critical strip at 1/2 versus not doing that. Also, it is all pure Python, so easier to get going.

Anyway, I'd say 1 could be a good project for people who know the basics of L-series, but want to get a much more concrete feel for them. In fact, instead of just trying to get coverage to 100%, writing a *tutorial* for computing with L-series using that package would be really nice. E.g., one could walk through how to find missing information, create new L-series classes, etc.

Specific Concrete Projects

Work in progress

L-series tutorial: http://wiki.sagemath.org/days33/lfunction/tutorial

Triple product L-function code: http://wiki.sagemath.org/days33/lfunction/tripleproduct

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