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Group Members

Aly, Jenn, Diane, Ekin

Project Description

Associated notebook file KateWishList.sws

Projects are listed by section below. No one is currently working on these ones:

Restricted global_minimal_model()

* Ticket needs review! #11827

Wrapping E.reduction(prime)(P)

* Our first positive review! #11822


* Implement E.reduction(p) for E defined over a p-adic fields: reduction of elliptic curves over padics.sws

* Tate's algorithm Tate.sws tate(1).sws

Singular Cubics

Trac ticket 11823

* Currently the patch on the trac server will allow one to define singular cubics.

sage: E = WeierstrassCubic([0,0,0,0,0])
sage: E.is_singular()

* Stuff to do:

* Functions that seem ok out of the box (so need only documentation adjustment/testing):

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