Upgrade, flask, sage 4.7, and ext4 filesystem

People: W. Stein, J. Grout, M. Hansen

Published Interacts


Filesystem Thoughts

Current Servers

Backup Strategy

Untrusted User Code: must all be executed in a virtual machine


Virtual Machines

William's TODO List

 [x] official sagenb list of optional packages, and install them all.
 [x] make a "stop" script for servers that works.
 [x] fix any remaining links issues, then archive the fixlinks script
 [x] start servers and test
 [x] re-enable automatic backups
 [x] upgrade my sagenb install to include rado's fix for unicode issue, etc. 
 [x] search is broken (mhansen is on it)
 [x]  The _sage_ directory gets too big. (mhansen is on it)
 [x] script that computes and summarizes stats about all notebook servers:
      - number of users
      - how many users who evaluated code during the last day, week, etc. -- implement by reading last mod time on all history.pickle files.
      - what code was evaluated recently (read from history)
      - size of each notebook server
      - disk usage of each user
      - how many worksheets each user has
    (use a nosqlite db?)
    datetime server username last_datetime num_worksheets disk_usage

 [ ] make it so all pickle db's get saved in a non-corruptable way (atomic)
 [ ] push merged combined changes to wstein repo?
 [ ] MATHJAX (or jsmath image fonts ?!)
 [ ] twisted -- number of threads?

 [ ] ban copying results over if too big.

 [ ] somehow migrate flask.sagenb.org ???  or just wait.

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