Sage Days 31 Projects

LDAP-based authentication for Sage NB users

Integrating a coding view to replace the current textfield and tiny MCE views

Fix little issues with notebook so it works well standalone

HTML 5 backend


Notebook Logging

Database: SQLite

The following should *at a minimum* work with SQLite, since that is included with Sage and whatever we do needs to at least work standard with Sage with "zero configuration".

Create a Robust Notebook "System"


Jmol Update

Related tickets:

One place to try:

Quantumino Puzzle Solver

Solve the the puzzle with Sage so that less people lose time to solve it by hand and make them work on the Notebook.

notebook to and from other formats



rst2txt and rst2sws

You can now upload a ReST file in the Sage Notebook to get a worksheet.

Also, from the same ReST file, you can create an HTML file by using the docutils command rst2html. During the week, I was able to make MathJax work on this HTML output.

By the way, if you are using vim like me, you might be interested by this trick thanks to Franco Saliola:

Notebook Administration Issues

The mysterious moving/disappearing text bug

Geogebra integration

Folders, Tags, Hierarchies

Sorting lists of worksheets

Various proposals for notebook enhancements

Configure cell "skip-ahead" behavior

Widget Infrastructure

Notebook Code Site Issues

Create better documentation for files of notebook

Comparison of number field elements



add more symbolic functions

Long standing symbolics issues

Sage Days 31 Tickets Needing Review

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