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 * Gregory Bard -- liner algebra over GF(2) and the "Method of the four Russians" Inversion (M4RI)  * Gregory Bard -- "The Method of Four Russians for Matrix Inverses and Factorization"

Sage Days 3 Proposed Talks/Speakers

  • [:MartinAlbrecht: Martin Albrecht]

  • Nick Alexander
  • Gregory Bard -- "The Method of Four Russians for Matrix Inverses and Factorization"
  • [:TomBoothby: Tom Boothby]

  • [:IftikharBurhanuddin: Iftikhar Burhanuddin] -- I could speak on the SupersingularModule during SD3. My plan is to speed up some of the internals between now and SD3, run computation, and give an update on what has happened since august --- msri06, the summer grad workshop on computing with modular forms.

  • Jason Grout
  • Bill Hart
  • [:DavidHarvey: David Harvey]

  • SJ Klein -- OLPC
  • Sebastian Pauli -- Round 4 algorithm for factoring polynomials over local fields
  • David Roe -- p-adic Arithmetic in SAGE
  • Nathan Ryan
  • Suvrit Sra -- Numerical Linear Algebra/Matrix Computation
  • [:WilliamStein:] William Stein

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