Sage Days 29 Coding Sprint Projects

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Below a list of proposed projects.

Bug Days Challenges

The sponsor of the bug-fixing days part of this workshop has the following high-priority challenges for us. It would be great if we could resolve them all.

PEOPLE: Maarten Derickx, William Stein, Martin Raum

Binary quadratic forms

PEOPLE: Justin Walker

Number Theory/Elliptic Curves

PEOPLE: Justin Walker, Gagan Sekhon, William Stein, Rado Kirov, John Cremona, Aly Deines, Jen Balakrishnan, Jamie Weigandt

At Sage Days22, Rado Kirov and Jackie Anderson ported Magma code by John Cremona's student Nook (Thotsaphon Thongjunthug), to Sage. The code adds support to Sage for finding integral points on elliptic curves over a number field. This week, we moved this code into the Sage library, and made minor changes to support curves defined over the rationals as well. This code seems to fix #10152, and has been added to #10973 as a patch. There are currently issues with performance, when compared with existing Magma code (when processing curves over Q). We are looking at the performance issues (John, Gagan) and working on Nook's Magma code to add support for curves over Q (John, Justin). Jen is working on her thesis.


PEOPLE: Jamie Weigandt, Robert Miller, John Cremona, William Stein, Justin Walker

Convert GP scripts in data/extcode/pari to pari library interface

PEOPLE: John Cremona, William Stein, Jamie Weigandt

Exact and Double Dense (RDF/CDF) Linear Algebra

PEOPLE: Rob Beezer, John Palmieri

Many patches needing review at

Python 3

IPython activity

PEOPLE: Fernando Perez, Min Ragan-Kelley, Thomas Kluyver

Issues Identified

matplotlib activity

PEOPLE: Michael Droettboom, Paul Ivanov

alt Team Scrappies in all their glory! alt The winning sheet

Algebraic Curves / Function Fields

PEOPLE: Moritz Minzlaff, Maarten Derickx, William Stein, Rado Kirov

Picking up things where Sage Days 21 left them.

Sage Notebook (Server)

PEOPLE: William Stein, Rado Kirov, Alex Leone, Rob Beezer, Jason Grout, Robert Bradshaw


PEOPLE: Volker Braun, (Dmitrii Pasechnik), Ivan Andrus

Riemann Theta Functions and Algebraic Curves

PEOPLE: Chris Swierczewski, Simon Spicer

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