Computing the Cartier operator acting on 1-forms

PEOPLE: Rachel P., Aly, Gagan, Anja, Sarah, Marina, Kate

Making Drew Sutherland's smalljac code usable in Sage and extending Kate's data

PEOPLE: Kate, William S., Lola, Aly, Erin, Bianca

See the Project Page. Subprojects are:

Computing L-series of Jacobians of Certain Hyperelliptic Curves

PEOPLE: Jennifer B., Jennifer P., Jennifer J., Bianca

Computing in the class group of non-maximal orders of quadratic imaginary fields

PEOPLE: William S., Bianca,

Sara's (mostly Combinatorics) wishlist

PEOPLE: Needs people!

Some combinatorics projects from Anne's talk

Symbolic projects

PEOPLE: Flavia, Karen

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