Staying on Lopez

Here are a few comments about staying on Lopez:

Food around Lopez

One of the many great things about Lopez is the food -- there's some really amazing food on Lopez. Lopez prides itself on being as self-sufficient as possible, so most of the produce used at the local restaurants is grown on the island.

Here's a quick rundown of the places my wife and I love on the island, with commentary:

There are two coffee shops on Lopez. I've always gone to Isabel's Espresso, but mostly out of habit -- I'm keen to try Cafe La Boheme on this trip. Isabel's is great, and they make their mochas with dark chocolate, if you like that kind of thing. (I sure do.) They also have a variety of iced/blended drinks.

Also, there are two grocery stores on Lopez. One is the Lopez Village Market, which is really just a Red Apple Market. They have a fairly wide selection, especially given their size. They also have a fair number of toiletries and the like, so if you forgot toothpaste, don't sweat it. The other is a much smaller organic market, called Blossom Organic Market. It's like a really tiny Whole Foods or PCC (in fact, I think it's got almost the same selection as my old Whole Foods in LA, despite being only about 5-10% of the size). They carry interesting things, like island-made sausages and produce.

As if you needed more info about food, there's also (possibly) a farmer's market on Saturdays. I'm not sure if it'll still be running (lots of things shut down after Labor Day).

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