Sage Days 15 Project Ideas

These are project ideas for Sage Days 15

MSVC 2008 port of PARI-2.4.2.alpha0

Low Level Simplicial Sets, CW Complexes, and Morphisms for Simplicial Complexes and Chain Complexes

PEOPLE: S. Ault, B. Antieau

Prime Pi

PEOPLE: Fredrik Johansson, William Stein, Robert Bradshaw

Steenrod Algebra cohomology (Yacop integration)

PEOPLE: Christian, John Palmieri, S. Ault, Bob Bruner

Stuff for the final report:

MinRes - Mininmal resolutions over the Steenrod algebra

PEOPLE: Bob Bruner, Christian Nassau, John Palmieri, David Roe

Accomplished this week:

Still to do:

Quaternion Algebras (implement odd power of p dividing level case)

PEOPLE: Alia Hamieh, Jerome Lefebvre, William Stein.

Sage/Magma Comparison Audit

PEOPLE: William Stein, Bill Hart, Robert Bradshaw, Alia Hamieh, Jerome Lefebvre.

And we are both done with comparing. And we have both submitted the changes we wanted to make on this.

CANCELLED (already in Sage!) Generalized Bernoulli Numbers

PEOPLE: William Stein

Cylindrical Algebraic Decomposition

PEOPLE: Carl Witty

Pynac Integration

PEOPLE: Mike Hansen, William Stein, Robert Bradshaw, Carl Witty

Sparse Linear Algebra

PEOPLE: Bill Hart, S. Ault

Javascript Graph Editor

PEOPLE: Rob Beezer, Mike Hansen, David Roe, Nicolas Thiery

eMPIRe Projects

PEOPLE: Bill Hart

Category Patches

PEOPLE: Nicolas Thiery, Robert Bradshaw, Mike Hansen, Craig Citro, Carl Witty

Notebook Work

PEOPLE: Mike Hansen, (William Stein), Tom Boothby

Latex for (Combinatorial) Graphs

PEOPLE: Rob Beezer, Fidel Barrera, John Palmieri, Emily Kirkman

Wrap mpmath

PEOPLE: Fredrik Johansson

p-adic Integration

PEOPLE: Robert Bradshaw, Kiran Kedlaya

p-adic Polynomials

PEOPLE: Kiran Kedlaya, David Roe

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