How to get to UW/Collegiana from the SEATAC Airport

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Fancy way

Rent a car (100's) or take a taxi (about 45 each way.

Medium fancy way

Take a shuttle (about 35).

The Shuttle express is 37 one way, 64 round trip. Go to their booth on the 3rd floor of the parking garage (for people coming in on NW anyway) and take the next one available, but you should make a reservation.

Thrifty way

You can take the Metro transit bus from Seatac to the Collegiana Inn or the University of Washington. The bus runs every 15-20 minutes during the day, the trip requires approximately 1 hour (including transfer), for a cost of 1.75 (non-peak) or 2.50 (peak fare).

General directions are:

Take the 194 to Downtown Seattle, then switch to the 71, 72, 73, or 74, and get off in the University District at 43rd Street.

For more information, use Enter "Seatac Airport" as the trip start, and 4311 12th Ave NE as the trip end.

Detailed directions are:

At Seatac, go outside from baggage to the sidewalk. Turn right, and walk in the direction of traffic to the end of the building. You will see signs for Metro bus service. At bay 2, take the 194 bus to Downtown Seattle. Do not take the 194 to Federal Way (the wrong direction, in bay 1), and do not take the 174 (very slow).

You will pay 1.75 (non-peak) or 2.50 (peak). Exact change is required, but of course the driver will accept 2 instead of 1.75. You will be paying for a two-zone fare, and you should receive a transfer (a slip of paper that lets you ride any bus for the next few hours free).

The 194 bus will go first on the freeway towards Seattle, then use a bus-only road, and finally a tunnel in Downtown Seattle. Get off at the University Street station (where the University of Washington was founded, but moved over 100 years ago). All buses through the tunnel use the same route, so you can change buses at any station in the tunnel.

Get on any express bus heading to the University District: 71, 72, 73, or 74. These bus lines run only as express during the day. The bus will go from the tunnel directly onto the freeway, exit the freeway in the University District, and within a few blocks turn north on University Way at 42nd Street. Get off at 42nd Street or 43rd Street, and you are near your destination.

When you exit the bus in the University District, show your transfer. In Seattle, the bus system downtown is free, you can get on or off without paying. This means that the driver asks you to pay when you enter the bus (heading towards downtown) or when you exit (heading away from downtown).

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