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Sage Days 12: San Diego

Sage is a free open-source mathematics software system licensed under the GPL. It combines the power of many existing open-source packages into a common Python-based interface. Sage Days 12 is a mainly developer-oriented workshop for work on the Sage mathematical software system. It will be held at the Calit2 Center at UC San Diego and is funded by CCR La Jolla.

Date and Location

The workshop will be held Jan 21-24, 2009 at Calit2.

On Jan 21, 2pm - 5pm, there will be three colloquium-style talks aimed at a general audience:

  • 2pm: Introduction to Sage (William Stein, Univ. of Washington, Project Founder and Director)

  • 3pm: The "Killer Apps" in Sage: Cython, Interact, and 3d Graphics (Craig Citro, UCLA, Developer)

  • 4pm: The Sage Community (Michael Abshoff, Dortmund, Sage Release Manager)

Organization Committee

  • Michael Abshoff
  • Martin Albrecht
  • Joe Buhler
  • Craig Citro
  • William Stein


  • Coming soon

Goals and Structure

The structure of the workshop is as follows: there will be a few lectures each day and and the rest of the day is spent with intense working sessions. This will consist mostly of groups working to implement new functionality in Sage, or discussing design decisions for new features. One of the main goals of this workshop is get many bugs as listed on Sage's bug tracker (http://trac.sagemath.org/sage_trac/) fixed. Of course, every participant is free to work on whatever he/she feels most productive working on. For instance, a small group will focus on discussing and implementation Jean-Charles Faugere's F5 algorithm for computing Gröbner bases.

Confirmed Participants

  • Tom Boothby
  • Robert Bradshaw
  • Craig Citro
  • Jason Grout
  • Mike Hansen
  • David Harvey
  • John Perry
  • Robert Miller
  • David Roe
  • Nick Alexander
  • William Stein
  • Till Stegers
  • Joe Wetherell
  • Alex Clemesha
  • Dorian Raimer
  • Michael Abshoff
  • Martin Albrecht
  • Burcin Erocal
  • Alex Ghitza
  • Kiran Kedlaya
  • Joe Buhler
  • Phaedon Sinis
  • Mark Watkins
  • Dan Shumow

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