Sage Days 117: combinatorics, number theory, dynamical systems and geometry

From 6th to 10th of February 2023 in Maison de la nature du bassin d'Arcachon (France) in the parc ornithologique du Teich.

Main thematics will be combinatorics, number theory, dynamical systems and geometry.

If you wish to come, get in touch with the organizers either by e-mail or on zulip.

The workshop is funded by the Agence National de Recherche through the projects ANR CODYS ANR-18-CE40-0007 and ANR CLAPCLAP, with the support of Laboratoire Bordelais de Recherche en Informatique (LaBRI) and Institut de Mathématiques de Bordeaux (IMB) part of Université de Bordeaux.


Most participants will lodge at MNBA. We also reserved two additional Gîtes de France nearby:

Participants travelling from far can arrive on Sunday.

Participants arriving from Bordeaux can bring their bike as it may be useful to travel from the workshop to the Gîtes de France.

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Participants are asked to express their wish for talks and tutorial here:



Participants are expected to think about their project in advance. Participants are asked to describe their projects here:

Satellites events



  1. Xavier Caruso (Université de Bordeaux)

  2. Vincent Delecroix (Université de Bordeaux)

  3. Sébastien Labbé (Université de Bordeaux)

  4. Éric Gourgoulhon (Paris)
  5. David Ayotte (Montreal)
  6. Frédéric Chapoton (Strasbourg)
  7. Thibaut Verron (Linz)
  8. David Roe (Boston)
  9. Julian Rüth (Athens)
  10. Antoine Leudière (Nancy)
  11. Clement Legrand-Duchesne (Bordeaux)
  12. Zoé Varin (Université de Bordeaux)
  13. Paul Bastide (Université de Bordeaux)
  14. Kai Fu (Université de Bordeaux)
  15. Haojie Hong (Université de Bordeaux)
  16. France Gheeraert (Liège)
  17. Pierre Bonnet (Université de Bordeaux)
  18. Bill Allombert (Université de Bordeaux)
  19. Ariane Carrance (Polytechnique Paris)
  20. Charles Fougeron (Villetaneuse)
  21. Felipe Arbulú (Amiens
  22. Sahar Bashan (Tel-Aviv)
  23. Alex Best (Amsterdam)
  24. Raphaël Pages (IMB, Bordeaux)
  25. Joseph Musleh (University of Waterloo)
  26. Pierre Stas (Université de Liège)
  27. Nicolas Delbovier (Université de Liège)
  28. Elisa Sasso (University of Bologna, Italy)
  29. Doriann Albertin (Université de Bordeaux)
  30. Marc Mezzarobba (CNRS, LIX)
  31. Germain Poullot (IMG, Paris)
  32. Jana Lepšová (Bordeaux)
  33. Baptiste Louf (Bordeaux)
  34. Elise Goujard (Bordeaux)

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