Global Virtual Sage Days 110

An event for the SageMath user and developer community

Talks will take place October 29-30 in various time zones. The schedule will be released soon.

SageDays are gatherings of people interested in SageMath, from newcomers to contributors. Sage Days have been organized as local, regional, or international in-person meetings by a wide range of people around the globe. Because of the current global health crisis, Sage Days110 will be a fully virtual event following SageDays 109.

About SageMath

Sage is a mature, comprehensive, free (open-source) mathematics software system based on Python, licensed under the GNU General Public License, that integrates computer algebra facilities and general computational packages.

Sage, first released in 2005, in over a decade of incubation in the SageMath distribution, comprising 293 software packages, has grown its own library of 1000 Cython and over 4400 Python modules, ranging from sage.algebras.* over sage.geometry.* to sage.tensor.*, with a total of over 2.2 million lines of code.

How to register and participate


Speakers will be added once they are confirmed.


You can also join the Zulip #sd110 organization topic to contact the organization team.

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