Sage Days 104 : Arithmetic Dynamics

November 17-20, 2019 Saint Louis University St. Louis, MO

This 4-day workshop includes a combination of mathematical talks, Sage tutorials, and Sage development. The main goal is to promote and improve the dynamical systems functionality in Sage and to expand the scope of the database of dynamical systems. Users new to Sage and Sage development are welcome. There is no initial knowledge needed, everyone is welcome whether they are new Sage learners or Sage expert. We believe in diversity in backgrounds and experiences.

This event is funded by NSF-DMS grant 1906266.


Paul Fili, Oklahoma State University

Benjamin Hutz, Saint Louis University

Adam Towsley, Rochester Institute of Technology


The workshop will take place at Saint Louis University in St. Louis, MO. Participants are encouraged to utilize Hotel Ignacio which is adjacent to campus.

How to come? The closest airport is St. Louis Lambert International Airport. From there, you can either take the Saint Louis Metro Link to campus or your favorite ride sharing company.

Funding and Registration

We have funding for travel and lodging for a limited number of participants through the Computational Mathematics and CDS&E programs via NSF grant 1906266. Applications for funding will be reviewed on a rolling basis until November 1st.

Registration is free: registration form


See the dynamics wiki page for information on the current status of Dynamical Systems in Sage. The list of topics for the workshop will be decided during the first day of the conference based on the interested an areas of expertise of the participants. The following are possibilities:


The workshop will consist of tutorials and talks in the mornings and working groups in the afternoons. All events will take place in the Busch Student Center Room 254. The following is a tentative schedule

Preworkshop Preparation

Please contact one of the organizers if you are having trouble with the preworkshop steps. It will be possible to do these on the first day of the workshop, but building Sage from soure code takes many hours on most computers and needs to be completed before any work can be done.

Confirmed Participants


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