Contribute to SageMath by answering questions

You have some expertise with SageMath.

One way to contribute is to answer other people's questions.

This page lists questions-and-answers ("Q&A") sites or mailing lists where such questions are frequently asked, and some usage tips.

Ask Sage

Our official Q&A site, powered by Askbot (an open-source engine for Q&A sites, running on top of the Python-based Django web framework).

Very well indexed by search engines.


A support mailing list, powered by Google Groups.

Less visible in web search engines than Ask Sage.

Stackoverflow and Stack Exchange

Stackoverflow / Stack Exchange is a popular network of Q&A sites.

You can create an account on these sites using an email address and a password, or you can log in using Google, Facebook, etc.

Several of these sites see SageMath-related questions with some frequency.

Most will have a [sage] or [sagetex] "tag" or keyword.

(Sometimes the [sage] tag is shared with other things called Sage.)

The search box allows you to search for tags and keywords.

For example you could search [sage] polynomial to search questions or answers tagged [sage] and containing the word polynomial.

Once logged in, if you hover your mouse over the [sage] tag, a description pops up in which you can click the "star", which will subscribe you to email alerts about this tag.

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