Sage-FLINT Days

Organisers: John Cremona, William Hart, ....


A Sage Days around the theme of Number Theory and FLINT (Fast Library for Number Theory

=== Where ===

Warwick University in the UK (

=== When ===

17 - 23rd December 2011 (the formal program will finish on 21st, but participants can remain until 23rd to collaborate and code).

== Program ==

* Two invited talks per day (including intro to Sage talks)

* A single evening public lecture

* Coding sprints.

Aims of the workshop

* Put flint2 into Sage

* Switch some of the mwrank code to use flint2.

* Help the Singular developers make better use of flint2.

* Introduce Sage to UK Number Theorists.

* Introduce Sage to Warwick researchers, postgrads and undergrads.

* Foster collaborations between the large Computational Number Theory and other research groups at Warwick and the Sage project.

* Hold talks on recent algorithmic developments in Computational Number Theory.