Sage-FLINT Days

Organisers: John Cremona, William Hart, ....


A Sage Days around the theme of Number Theory and FLINT (Fast Library for Number Theory


Warwick University in the UK (


17 - 23rd December 2011 (the formal program will finish on 21st, but participants can remain until 23rd to collaborate and code).


* Two invited talks per day (including intro to Sage talks)

* A single evening public lecture

* Coding sprints.

Invited Speakers



TBA. Registration is free.


A limited amount of support is available for overseas and UK participants. Please contact us if you need travel and accommodation support.

Aims of the workshop

* Put flint2 into Sage

* Switch some of the mwrank code to use flint2.

* Help the Singular developers make better use of flint2.

* Introduce Sage to UK Number Theorists.

* Introduce Sage to Warwick researchers, postgrads and undergrads.

* Foster collaborations between the large Computational Number Theory and other research groups at Warwick and the Sage project.

* Hold talks on recent algorithmic developments in Computational Number Theory.


We wish to acknowledge the support of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in the UK (EPSRC) for the funding for this conference, made available to us via Warwick University and the Warwick Maths Department.