Design Theory

A proposal for enhancing combinatorial configurations in sage. Original report propsal for MTU: masterspropsal.pdf (Be warned! there are things in that proposal that I think are pointless (like the logic syntax))

I would like to use this page to collect all the functionality that sage(actually, any CAS) is missing from the bowels of Design Theory that most researchers in the area have as old C code from the 90's.

Please also see the work describing the database of designs that has already been worked on at

Desirable Classes/Attributes


Frames(the IRGDD kind of Frames):


Transversal Designs:


Latin Squares:


Orthogonal Array:

Resolvable Designs:

Near Resolvable Designs:

Finite Planes:

Symmetric Design:

Hadamard Matrices:

Packings and Coverings:

Difference Sets:


Extremal graph theory:

Epsiolon Nets:

Affine Planes:

Projective Geometries:

Block Designs:


One Factorizations:

Room Squares:

Biblo (for the above list):

Beth, Jungnickel, Lenz - Design theory (v1;v2, 2nd ed)

Wallis - Introduction to combinatorial designs

Pach, Agarwal - Combinatorial Geometry

Korte,Lovasz,Schrader - Greedoids

Tonchev - Combinatorial Configurations (English Version)

Furino, Miao, Yin - Frames and Resolvable Designs

Berge - Hypergraphs

Colbourn, Dinitz - Handbook of Combinatorial Designs (2nd ed)

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