Sage 3.2 Release Tour

Sage 3.2 was released on November 20th, 2008. For the official, comprehensive release notes, see the HISTORY.txt file that comes with the release. For the latest changes see sage-3.2.txt.

Subspace generation

Robert Miller: generate all subspaces of a vector space/projective space

New Symbolics

William Stein, Burcin Erocal: high level integration of pynac into Sage

General group algebras class

David Loeffler: general group algebras class

Elliptic Curve Doctesting

Paul Zimmermann: much improved elliptic curve doctests and some bug fixes

Modular Forms

Craig Citro: huge number of small fixes to modular forms code. David Loeffler: eta product modular functions. Craig Citro: massively speed up Victor Miller basis code.

Magma Interface

William Stein: much improved Magma interface with 100% doctests

Generalized Bernoulli Numbers

William Stein: massively optimized generalized Bernoulli numbers

Modular Composition

Martin Albrecht, Paul Zimmermann: improve modular composition in GF(2)[x]

Polyhedral Improvements

Marshall Hampton: Schlegel diagrams, standard polytopes, multiplication, polars


Timothy Clemans: notebook templatization work

Sage Build

William Stein: make it so "sage -br" does the cythonization in parallel using pyprocessing. Robert Bradshaw, Gonzalo Tonaria, Craig Citro: massively cleaned up and faster Robert Bradshaw: update to Cython 0.10.


Simon King, Martin Albrecht: fix memory leaks in libsingular's reduce()

Numerical Linear Algebra

Jason Grout: make numpy the backend for matrices over CDF and RDF

Graph Theory

Jason Grout: much more robust planarity testing code for graphs

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