Sage 3.1.3 Release Tour

Sage 3.1.3 was released on October 14th, 2008. For the official, comprehensive release notes, see the HISTORY.txt file that comes with the release. For the latest changes see sage-3.1.3.txt.

ReST Documentation Preparation

Mike Hansen: inclusion of Sphinx, Docutils, Jinja, and Pygments as a step toward ReST documentation

coercion improvements

Robert Bradshaw: Move over more rings to the new coercion model.

Sage-combinat Integration

Nicolas Thiery, Mike Hansen: tighter integration with sage-combinat, i.e. the 2144 server is now installable with vanilla Sage

libSingular Improvements

Martin Albrecht: MPolynomial_libsingular improvements for number fields and ZZ

Gröbner bases over Z and Z/nZ

Martin Albrecht: Add a toy implementation for Gröbner bases over Z and Z/nZ as well as optional binding to M2's Gröbner base engine.

New Symbolics

William Stein, Burcin Erocal: add initial pynac-0.1.p0 package

Modular Symbols

William Stein, Craig Citro: optimize fast computation of hecke eigenvalues on weight 2 modular symbols for gamma0

Build Improvements

Michael Abshoff: numerous Solaris build fixes

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