Sage 3.1 and 3.1.1 Release Tour

Sage 3.1.1 was released on August 17th, 2008. For the official, comprehensive release notes, see the HISTORY.txt file that comes with the release. For the latest changes see sage-3.1.1.txt.

New Coercion Infrastructure

Robert Bradshaw, David Roe: new coercion model

Graph and Plotting Improvements

Arnaud Bergeron, Jason Grout, Robert Miller, Franco Saliola

Major Update to Root Systems

Dan Bump, Nicolas Thiery, Nicolas Borie, Mike Hansen

Steenrod Algebra Calculations

John Palmieri

Notebook improvements

Timothy Clemans

Free Modules Revision

David Kohel

Multimodular Algorithm for Bernoulli Numbers

David Harvey

Partition Refinement

Robert Miller

Integral Point Finding for Elliptic Curves over Q

Tobias Nagel, Michael Mardaus, John Cremona

New sage_input Function

Carl Witty

New printing for intervals and QQbar elements

Carl Witty

Sage 3.1.1 introduces a new way to print intervals and QQbar elements:

sage: QQbar(sqrt(2))

The question mark syntax indicates that the real value is within 1.414213562373094 and 1.414213562373096 (that the last digit could vary by up to plus or minus one). For QQbar elements, Sage knows the real value and uses that value in calculations.

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