The Arithmetics Statistic postdoc seminar, organized by Jonathan Bober and Kaneenika Sinha, meets Mondays from 10 to 10:50 a.m. The Free Boundary Problems postdoc seminar meets immediately afterwards, and then MSRI will have pizza for us at 12.

Note to speakers/attendees

MSRI expects that all postdocs, in both programs, should attend both postdoc seminars, and so speakers may wish to keep in mind the fact that a significant portion of the audience may not be number theorists. On the other hand, it is likely that most of the audience will be in the Arithmetic Statistics program, and perhaps the primary purpose of this seminar should for participants in the Arithmetic Statistics program to tell other participants in the Arithmetic Statistics program something about what they are interested in and why they are interested in it.

Also, we take the name "Postdoc Seminar" to mean that the speakers are postdocs, not that the audience members must be composed of postdocs, and everyone is welcome to attend.

Current anticipated schedule




February 7th

Andrew Yang

Low-Lying zeros of Dedekind zeta functions

February 14th

Gonzalo TornarĂ­a

The Brandt module of ternary quadratic forms

February 21st


Washington's Birthday

February 28th

Sonal Jain

Heuristics for \lambda invariants

March 7th

Fredrik Stroemberg

Newforms and multiplicities on \Gamma_0(N)

March 14th

Robert Miller

Enumerating Data in the presence of symmetry

March 21st

Rob Rhoades

Curious q-series and Jacobi theta functions

March 28th

Karl Mahlburg

Asymptotics for the coefficients of Kac-Wakimoto characters

April 4th

Brooke Feigon

Averages of central L-values

April 11th



April 18th

Jonathan Bober

April 25th

Kaneenika Sinha

May 2nd

Alina Bucur

May 9th

Ghaith Hiary

May 16th



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