This is a survey of requirements for kindergarten math education by state and survey of math software for use in kindergarten classes. Base google search was: kindergarten math math software software. A good overview of educational software in general is a Wikipedia article on the subject. This wiki page is the first step in a project for possible full K-math support in SAGE. The project is being undertaken by [email protected] under the supervision of [email protected].

This is the current stage of the project: "The next thing you should do (when you have time), is for each software that you can get a demo of, you should try it out and think about:

 (1) is it good or bad quality?
 (2) is there something that it does that is creative, useful, etc?
 (3) is there something the software does that would make sense
     to do in the context of SAGE?
 (4) anything else you can think of.

And make sure to record all your ideas regarding 1-4 for each program you try it.", wstein, Feb 22, 2007 11:13 PM

As of Feburary 23, 2007, I am studying Investigations_in_Number,_Data,_and_Space_Kindergarten_guides to understand extactly what a kindergarten class might be doing regarding math.

National standards for kindergarten math education

List of kindergarten standards for math education by U.S. state

List of directories of software

List of software

Interactive student software

Software for teachers

Worksheet generators


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