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Missing features for ipython to work within sage

This page aims to list which features of the Sage notebook (sagenb) are missing in the ipython notebook (ipynb). For each point we should think whether it is possible to directly work upstream (U), or if it is a sage-specific task (S).

Single user

Multi user

This should be developed within ustream, it is part of their plans (U)

Fundamental Design Issues

List any fundamental design issues with IPython that people maybe don't notice at first glance, which are done much better/differently in the Sage notebook. This should be a short list.

while True:

Compatibility with rst format

Using sagenb mathjax for ipynb (DEPRECATED, works out of the box)

Not completely related, but i put it here because it can be of some help.

Mathjax is not shipped with ipynb, and the way to install it locally is to install it on the user's config directory, which is not an optimal place for distribution. A quick workaround is to do a symlink from sagenb mathjax to user's ipython config dir (which i use in the sagedebianlive USB key). For this, open a shell as the user and type:

IPYTHON_VERSION=$(sage -c 'from IPython import version_info ; print(".".join([str(i) for i in version_info[:-1]]))')
ln -s ${SAGE_ROOT}/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/sagenb-*.egg/sagenb/data/mathjax

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