Google Summer of Code 2011

This is the main organization page for the Google Summer of Code efforts of the Sage project.


Sage is an open-source mathematical software system which combines numerous packages under one umbrella with the goal to provide an alternative to major proprietary mathematical software systems (aka the Ma*'s). The software included in Sage use many different languages such as C, C++, Fortran. However, the Sage library which provides a unified interface to these components besides implementions of novel mathematical algoritms is written in Python and Cython. Sage also includes a web-based user interface where worksheets are stored for each user.

With it's friendly development community and diverse challenges including

Sage provides projects that might appeal to contributors with different interests and skill levels.

If you're a student interested in working on any of the projects described below, note that these are mostly rough ideas. Feel free to ask questions or suggest other projects by writing to [email protected]. Here is the student application template we recommend students to use for their application.

If you're a Sage developer, please take some time to organize the list below and add more ideas. Follow guidelines from the GSOC FAQ page. These projects should be doable with less than 3 months of full time work. Projects should generally have:

Important Dates

Here is the original timeline. Some highlights:

Projects Ideas

All #numbers below refer to trac tickets.

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