Google Summer of Code 2009

Important Dates

See the GSoC2009 FAQ for the timeline here

GSoC Sage Projects

All #numbers below refer to trac tickets.


We should take care to define deliverables for the items below. These should be doable with less than 3 months of work.

Here is what the FAQ says for "Ideas" lists:

And this is from the notes on organization selection criteria:


The Sage notebook is an AJAX application similar to Google Documents that provides functionality for all mathematical software somewhat like Mathematica notebooks. It was written from scratch (in Javascript and Python) by the Sage development team, and has been used daily by thousands of people over the last year. It's one of the main killer features of Sage. This project is about improving the notebook. No special mathematical knowledge is required. Knowledge of Javascript, jQuery, Python, and general AJAX techniques is needed.

Community Tools

Interfaces to Sage

Make it easier to call Sage from other applications.

Potential Mentors

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