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The SageMath Foundation aims to collect funds to help the development of SageMath.

People that use and enjoy SageMath are encouraged to make a donation to the SageMath Foundation. People that have used SageMath in their research work are also very welcome to give a little back to help.


Making a donation is currently not possible (June 2019).


The SageMath foundation was until June 2019 a donation account hosted by the University of Washington.

Making a donation is a nice way to express your appreciation of the work done by the SageMath developer community. Collected funds are fully available for sustaining SageMath, and no percentage go to anything else.

Who is in charge?

The people currently in charge of the SageMath Foundation are William Stein and John Palmieri.

How much money is collected?

For the moment, not much, but this is already useful to support SageMath. Please contribute!

We gratefully acknowledge the support from our past donators.

How does this benefit to SageMath?

The money has been used in the past to support workshops closely related to SageMath, in particular some "Women in Sage" workshops. This has also funded the SageMath booth at some mathematical conferences.

In principle, money can be used to support students, visitors, purchase of equipment, workshops.

Is there an European side?

For the moment, there is no similar donation account in Europe.

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