Sage and Emacs

The purpose of this page is to collect tips and tricks for Sage users and developpers using the text editor Emacs.


This emacs mode allows for running a Sage interpreter inside emacs, and interacting with it sending in chunks of code or doctests, directly opening the appropriate source files from the help, the debugger or the tracebacks. It also provides goodies for running tests, typesetting output, etc.

See: SageModeComparison, sage-mode,


This is another newer mode for Sage inside emacs. It's known as sage-shell-mode and includes extensions for auto-complete, helm, and anything. It was written from scratch by Sho Takemori and is available from MELPA.

See: SageModeComparison,

EIN: IPython notebook client in Emacs

This is currently non functional due to an incompatibility with the ipython shipped with Sage. Yet this sounds promising. See:

- -


- which-function-mode: this minor mode displays in the status bar the

- I (NT) have this in my python-mode-hook:

See also

- This (not sot recent) blog post on customizing emacs for Python

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