Conda packages for Linux & macOS are available through conda-forge.

Setting Up

In short: Install sage from conda-forge.


The packages necessary to run sage are developed on the github pages of conda-forge. The actual sage package and many of its dependencies are maintained by Isuru Fernando (and a few volunteers).

Conda for Sage Developers

You can develop Sage without building any of its dependencies (experimental). On my machine this takes 5 minutes:

$ export SAGE_NUM_THREADS=24
$ conda install mamba
$ mamba create -n sage-build sage boost-cpp
$ conda activate sage-build
$ mamba uninstall --force sagelib
$ ./configure --prefix=$CONDA_PREFIX
$ cd src
$ python install
$ sage -c 'print(version())'
SageMath version 9.2, Release Date: 2020-10-24

Open Issues


To check whether there are known issues with Conda:


There is likely not going to be a working package in the near future, see

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