AIM SQUARE -- Explicit Reduction Theories (Feb 21-25, 2011)


This is a proposal to gather researchers with distinct perspectives on the topic of explicit computational methods for reduction theories and their application to study geometry, cohomology, and modular forms. The purpose of our week-long collaboration is to:

  1. Discuss/share current methods for using explicit reduction domains, and interesting open problems.
  2. Lay the groundwork for creating a unified computational framework for explicit reduction theory computations in SAGE, and discuss how to combine existing specialized projects to this end.
  3. Set concrete goals for future collaborations and software development.

(See the AIM Squares Proposal for more information.)


(See the AIM Squares Proposal for a short bio of each researcher.)

Tentative Schedule

Day 1 -- Research Overviews and Goals

Morning 20-25 minute Talks: (9:30am-12:30pm)


Afternoon Goal Setting and Problem Discussion/Organization (2pm-5pm)

Day 2 -- Research Projects

Day 3 -- Research Projects

Day 4 -- Research Projects

Day 5 -- Wrap-up and Make Future Plans/Goals

Questions to Discuss/Ponder:

Computational Questions

Research Applications and Questions

(See the AIM Squares Proposal for more topics/questions.)

Relevant Reading

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