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=== Until Dev1 in Seattle ===  === Until Dev1 in Seattle ===


  • Get Cygwin port working again. This depends on libSingular working. The Singular team would be very happy if this happened
  • Take standalone applications and move them over to MinGW and/or MSVC if possible, i.e. the Salami tactic
  • port pexpect to native Windows API - this is needed for MinGW/MSVC to work
  • Once pexpect works we should combine the notebook, matplotlib-based plotting code, the calculus code and maxima to have a basic program useful to a lot of people
  • port the remaining C/C++/Fortran code over to the new toolchain and get closer to a full working Sage


Until Dev1 in Seattle

  • document tool chain setup
  • get people caught up to speed with tool chain and/or Sage's internal structure [in case they need it]
  • get pari and its dependencies working with MSVC 64 bit
  • analyze what needs to be done to get R up and running with MSVC

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